Dynamic scoliosis orthosis TRIAC II
SKU: 07310
Manufacturer: Sporlastic
Recomendation: • conservative treatment; Contraindications !!! • paralytic scoliosis; • scoliosis distortion affecting Th11, Th12; L4, L5 area; • scoliosis distortion above Th7 vertebra area;
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This is modernly designed correctional scoliosis brace with an open frame design. With this brace, discomfort is reduced physically (skin) and psychologically (appearance), as the splint helps to adjust the pressure on the spine when a person is lying, sitting or standing, thereby reducing scoliosis progression and improving posture as much as possible. The brace is quite cosmetic, neat and light, so it is comfortable for everyday wear.

Spinal orthoses - nepamainoma ortopedinė pagalba esant įvairiems sužeidimams ar uždegimams. Spinal orthoses yra ypač naudingi po traumų, o kai kurie jų - tikras išsigelbėjimas intensyviai sportuojant. Ortopedinis įtvaras yra patogus, malonus ir minkštas, tačiau suteikia reikiamą atramą ir stabilumą.

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