Dynamic splint for finger
SKU: 502
Manufacturer: DeRoyal
Recomendation: • extremely high degree proximal interphalangeal joint (PIP) contracture.
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One spring is integrated on each side of this finger joint, and two cushions are located proximally and distally from the PIP joint. The cushions evenly distribute the pressure on the finger. At full extension through the PIP joint, the splint exerts a force of approximately 12.4 N.

Finger splints - irreplaceable orthopedic aid for various injuries or inflammations. Finger splints are especially useful after injuries, and some are a real salvation while doing intense sports. The orthopedic splint is comfortable and soft, but also provides the necessary support and stability

Finger orthoses - nepamainoma ortopedinė pagalba esant įvairiems sužeidimams ar uždegimams. Finger orthoses yra ypač naudingi po traumų, o kai kurie jų - tikras išsigelbėjimas intensyviai sportuojant. Ortopedinis įtvaras yra patogus, malonus ir minkštas, tačiau suteikia reikiamą atramą ir stabilumą.

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