Splint for finger flexion functionality
SKU: 503
Manufacturer: DeRoyal
Recomendation: • restoration of proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint flexion function.
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There is an integrated cushion at the top of this finger splint to ensure the effectiveness and reduce pressure on the PIP joint. Using a force of approximately 2.3 N, the winding spring can bend the joint in its neutral position by approximately 80 degrees.

Finger splints - irreplaceable orthopedic aid for various injuries or inflammations. Finger splints are especially useful after injuries, and some are a real salvation while doing intense sports. The orthopedic splint is comfortable and soft, but also provides the necessary support and stability.


Finger orthoses - nepamainoma ortopedinė pagalba esant įvairiems sužeidimams ar uždegimams. Finger orthoses yra ypač naudingi po traumų, o kai kurie jų - tikras išsigelbėjimas intensyviai sportuojant. Ortopedinis įtvaras yra patogus, malonus ir minkštas, tačiau suteikia reikiamą atramą ir stabilumą.

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