QMED traveling pillow
SKU: 03-8381
Manufacturer: MDH
Recomendation: • In case of muscle tension in the neck • Pain in the neck area, • When travelling
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Properly shaped pillow provides support to the natural curve of spine and relieves articular, osseous, ligament and muscle structures through keeping the cervical spine in a correct and stabile position. It is recommended by specialists for children and adults in cervical spine overstrain status connected with cervicalgia and neck hypertonia, pain syndrome at different degrees of intensity, cervical discs instability, vertebral degeneration and as a preventive treatment of overstrain abnormalities and subsequent structural changes. Ideal for traveling by car, plane or train. Using the pillow considerably improves life quality and ensures relaxation to cervical and neck muscles as well as physiological position of cervical spine which in turn guarantees a good sleep. It is made of visco-elastic temperature sensitive „memory“ foam that ideally moulds to your necck and head. The spine overly exposed to overstrain due to non-physiological position needs time to adjust to a new physiological position, which in some case may cause passing aliments

Pillow: all-elastic polyurethane foam
Cover: 100% polyester.

The cover is opened with a zipper and is washed at 30 ° C.

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