QMED lumbar pillow
SKU: 03-3101
Manufacturer: MDH
Recomendation: • who spend a lot of time in sitting position • having spinal discomfort.
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It is recommended by Professional for all those people who spend a lot of time in sitting position. Anatomically contoured Qmed Lumbar Support put you in the propper sitting posture. It provides sitting comfort and relieve low back fatigue while driving. It has a positive influence on your general comfort and minimalize side effects of parmanent sitting.

It is made with quality, high density pressure relieving visco-elastic foam. Its temperature-sensitive memory foam molds to your body and relieve pressure points. A special strap enables proper positioning of the Qmed Lumbar Support to the seat.
Covered with removable cotton cover.

Fabric: Backrest: All-elastic polyurethane foam.

Cover: 75% cotton, 25% polyester.

Size: 40cm/33cm/12cm.

Care: The cover is detachable with the help of a zipper and washed at 30 º C.

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