Carbon fiber shoe inserts for running, race and nordic walking
SKU: 982500
Manufacturer: Schein
Recomendation: • for running • race walking • nordic walking • flat foot; • Achiles tendon pain;
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These insole are made of carbon fiber - the most advanced material in the aeronautics, automotive and sports equipment industries. The insoles made from this material are thin, light and flexible, supports foot arches very well, distribute foot loads evenly. Thanks to special technology, foot resistance is facilitated, providing speed and dynamics. One of the most important features of these insoles is the special amortization that restores foot biomechanics and, as a result, the movement using these insoles becomes anatomical. Protected not only your feet, but also the ankles, knees, hips, joints and the spine.

Using sports carbon fiber insoles for running:
• absorbed shocks;
• proper distribution of foot pressure;
• callosity is avoided;
• reduced foot pain and fatigue;

Insole sizes 35-48

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