Ear prosthesis - 3
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The ear prosthesis is intended to be use as a part of the ear or an entire ear replacement element. They are made of medical silicone and an additional synthetic prosthetic material.
The products can be made of varying hardness to obtain a similar elasticity as the surrounding tissue. Usually, the ear prosthesis is best shaped with a healthy ear in mind. Therefore, an experienced professional prosthetist will perform mirror-based modeling and create a harmonious picture of the whole face.
Anatomical features also must be considered in the process. Using a properly manufactured product can again improve the bearing of the sound. It can also solve the problem of wearing a hearing aid or glasses. Prostheses should not be noticeable in everyday human activity. The color and shape of the ear prosthesis are adapted according to the patient's anatomy during the visit. If the patient needs prostheses on both sides to restore the former face shape it is very useful to have pictures of the patient's past. Therefore, ear prostheses are always manufactured individually for each patient.

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