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The shoulder splint should be worn in the various types of shoulder injuries. The most common injuries: dislocations, tears, sprains, bruises. Also can happen non-traumatic dislocations that usually occur with minimal use of body force, such as reaching for something or by turning the other way in bed. The latter can happen to people with extremely loose joints. If you’ve sprained your muscles or have a particularly painful non-traumatic dislocation, you might also want to take care of extra protections like shoulder splints.

The shoulder splint protects the joint during exercise, are significant for more effective rehabilitation after surgery. Orthopedic shoulder splints are excellent item for treating injuries of various types and severities, such as fractures, dislocations, bruises, sprains, help to reduce inflammation, effectively relieve pain, are suitable after surgery.

Advantages of neoprene splints:

Some orthopedic shoulder splints are made of neoprene. This material help to maintain body temperature, which improves blood circulation, reduces pain and promotes healing. Neoprene is characterized by elasticity, excellent thermal isolation, so the splint is very comfortable. Neoprene splints are adjustable with straps. This method of adjustment allows you to feel convenient with the splint in any position, provides additional support and protection in case of mild and moderate ligament injuries. The splint promotes the healing process in various injuries case, as it relieves pain, inflammatory processes.

Wide range of shoulder orthoses products:

Neoprene shoulder splints, clavicle splints for children and adults, regular and padded arm holders and smaller, colorful arm holders for children.

After a fracture of the clavicle or in case of chest deformities the splints are irreplaceable item. The clavicle splints are extremely comfortable and soft, made of waterproof material.

Arm holders - orthopedic items, securely stabilize the elbow and shoulder joints. Such a shoulder-elbow splint, made of high-quality materials, will allow you to avoid discomfort.

Orthopedic shoulder splints for children are characterized by softness and a very beautiful, playful design, which is very important for little patients. After dislocation of the shoulder joint, certain fractures, post-surgery the splints will help to stabilize the shoulder joint and arm.

Elbow splints are suitable for athletes: after expierenced injury during basketball, volleyball, handball.

Price, quality, manufacturers

Shoulder splints and it price depend on the materials, technologies that manufacturer used in production. At the Pes Planus clinic, you will find products from European manufacturers such as Sporlastic (Germany), Omnimed (Switzerland) and others, which can offer high-quality orthopedic products. We invite you to visit our clinic in Vilnius or view the product catalog online and buy the most suitable product for you.