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For a person, who has special needs or has lost an arm or its part as a result of various causes, a modern solution – a prosthetic arm – may help restoring partial functions and ensuring higher self-esteem.

Prosthetic arm manufactured on the basis of modern technologies and quality as well as durable materials restores simple grasping, bending, and lifting functions. Prosthetic arm facilitates the performance of certain day-to-day operations and encourages the patient’s integration into the society.

Prosthetic arms are designed by taking into account living conditions, needs, and individual problems of a person, therefore, prosthetic sockets and decoration materials are individually tailored to the patient’s stump model. We do our best that a prosthetic arm manufactured by applying a special lamination, bending, fastening, and silicone finish method differed as little as possible from the patient’s actual arm.

Arm prosthetics at the center for orthopedic medicine Pes Planus include customized manufacturing of prosthetic upper arms, forearms, and fingers.

Prosthetic upper arms, forearms, and fingers are controlled:

• with the help of special tips, which perform grasping and holding functions;

• by cable (cable operated limbs work by attaching a harness and cable around the opposite shoulder of the damaged arm, which enables to perform the grasping and bending function as well as fixing the elbow hinge);

• in an electric automated way (prosthetic arm is controlled through bio-signals; in fact, there are just a few prostheses of this kind available in Lithuania).