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These splints are produced individually, according to an individual order. These measures are manufactured by orthopedic technicians. An individual splint may be needed for a variety of injuries: fractures of the hand bones, rupture of the tendon, fractures of the spine, metatarsals, and more. Also, the production of individual splints is required after surgery, if necessary, to stabilize a part of the body in a specific position.

Each trauma is different, so splints, produced individually, perfectly meets the needs of the patient and the nature of the injury. All splints are made according to the physique of a person and individual characteristics. Splints are designed for maximum comfort and functionality.

Also, individual splints can be used in case of head injury or designed to protect the skull from trauma after surgery. Especially often individual head splints are used for children and infants after craniosynostosis surgery, thus, to stabilize the position of the head bones and maintain the head shape restored during the operation.

In the catalogue of individual splints on the Internet and in the orthopedic center in Vilnius, you can see the splints produced by “PesPlanus” orthopedic-technicians, which will be selected and adapted by specialists during the consultation.