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Memo sandals are foot-friendly shoes that promotes proper foot formation and ensures gait correction.

The right flexibility sole of the sandals, allows to qualitatively perform toe off phase in the gait. The wide front part of the shoe does not restrict the movements of the toes or the whole foot, and the firm heel stabilize ankle joint and protects the foot from pronation and in-toeing while walking.

It is also very important that the orthopedic sandals can be fitted with a corrective insole without reducing space, so the child's foot is not compressed. Depending on the need for stabilization, you can choose low or higher boot-top sandals (for both girls and boys) that provide stability for the whole foot.

Children's sandals purchase options:

You can buy shoes in our store in Vilnius. If you do not live in Vilnius, you can buy online and orthopedic footwear will be delivered to the post Office, LP Express or order will be delivered by Venipak couriers.