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First steps and learning to walk - it is a natural gradual physical development that the first orthopedic shoes Memo help to nurture. At this stage of a child's development, footwear plays a important role as it helps to maintain the proper development of the foot and the formation of gait. Although the formation of child foot arches ends at 6-7, proper foot formation must be ensured from the very first steps.

Why choose Memo's first walking shoes?

• Memo orthopedic shoes are made of the highest quality materials, have a relatively flexible sole (flexible first third of the sole), which is required for proper foot biomechanics.
• Also, the first shoes have a sturdy heel area that stabilizes the heel and prevents the child’s feet from slipping.
• This footwear is certified and match all orthopedic requirements

Delivery of shoes:

You can buy shoes in our store in Vilnius. If you do not live in Vilnius, you can buy online and orthopedic footwear will be delivered to the post Office, LP Express or order will be delivered by Venipak couriers.