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How to chotose compression socks?

The unit of measurement for compression (degree of compression) is mmHg. Each product is marked with two numbers (eg 15/20 mmHg), that is degree of compression. First number indicates compression at the bottom of the socks, and a second number indicates compression at the top. This gradual compression stimulates blood circulation in the legs and promotes the easy return of venous blood from the legs to the heart.

Depending on the strength of the compression, the products are divided into classes. If your doctor has prescribed compression stockings, he or she will advise whether you need compression stockings with a prophylactic or therapeutic compression class. If choosing compression stockings by yourself, pay attention into the information table.

Compression class

Compression degree (mm/Hg)



10-14 mm/Hg

Prophylactically for people doing standing or sedentary work, pregnant women, while traveling. 


I  class

15-21 mm/Hg

In case of leg heaviness, fatigue, mild edema, mild varicose veins, after sclerotherapy, surgical treatment of venous varicose veins, during pregnancy - prophylactically or in case of mild varicose veins. 


II  class

22-35 mm/Hg

During pregnancy, more severe venous varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, lymphedema, lipoedema, superficial or deep thrombophlebitis, and surgical treatment of venous or venous ulcers.

Symptoms identifying that you need compression stockings

It is recommended to see a specialist if a person feels that their legs are sore or swollen frequently. Such symptoms often signal circulatory disorders in the legs that bothers blood flow from legs to the heart. If a person lives a sedentary life, smokes, works a sedentary job, or is overweight, blood flow complicates double.

Prophylactic compression socks       

To prevent circulatory disorders, doctors recommend to wear prophylactic compression stockings because they activate blood circulation. Prophylactic compression stockings are designed for healthy people who work standing or sitting job, who travel a lot (by plane, bus, car) and who want to avoid venous diseases in the future.

For pregnant women

Prophylactic compression stockings are also recommended for pregnant women. Due to the increasing weight, the legs are put under a heavier load, which can impede blood flow in the blood vessels.

For athletes or amateurs

If a person is exercising, he is also recommended to buy compression socks that are designed not only for professional athletes but also for amateurs. Compression socks will help prevent muscle pain, allow the leg skin to breathe and improve the athlete's well-being during physical activity. It is important to mention that before buying compression stockings for sport, consult a doctor who will select the proper compression of the stockings.

Therapeutic compression stockings

If a person has consulted a doctor and has been diagnosed with blood circulatory problems, prophylactic compression stockings will no longer be able to help. In this case, it is necessary to purchase therapeutic compression stockings, which are available in three classes. First-class therapeutic socks are intended for people at risk, second- and third-class are only prescribed by doctors and only for those who have circulatory or venous disorders.
At „Pes Planus“ clinic you can find prophylactic, therapeutic, sports compression stockings for men and women.

Why choose Venosan?      

 Venosan - Swiss quality. Venosan is one of the leaders in compression products, where all stages of manufacture from yarn to product production are performed in one company, which allows quality control in all production processes. Venosan products are unique in their composition:

  • It comply with the medical product standard RAL (RAL-GZ-387). It is the strictest European standard for medical compression products. Standard RAL-GZ-387 regulates the composition, compression properties, strength, elasticity, packaging, etc.
  • Silver thread. It is known that silver has healing powers. And only recently, studies have shown that this precious metal has other important properties: - silver provides antibacterial and bioactive effects (more than 99.9% of bacteria die in the first hour from contact). This metal protects against bacterial and fungal infections. Protects against unpleasant odors. Regulates temperature (in case of heat - silver has an excellent property to displace heat, and in case of cold - it has a property of reflecting). Products containing silver have antistatic properties — they dissipate electrical charges due to friction.
  • Tactel ® is a micro fiber that is 40 times thinner than hair. Layering this fiber creates a climatic effect - when the products breathe. This fiber quickly evaporates moisture from the skin surface, which ensures maximum comfort. Thanks to the horizontal stretch of the fabric, the products are easy to put on.
  • Cotton. Compression stockings with cotton are knitted in such a way that only the cotton layer is in contact with the skin.This is especially important for those who are allergic to synthetic fabrics. Cotton also absorbs moisture well, ensures hygiene.
  • Lycra. Products containing Lycra are gentle and pleasant to the skin, provide comfort and do not restrict movement, are breathable and do not require special care, and retain 100 percent elasticity even after many washes.