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It is also very important to find high quality footwear for autumn and winter seasons.

The manufacturer of Memo orthopedic shoes emphasizes the sole of moderate flexibility, firm heel and comfortable fixation - properties necessary for the healthy and correct development of a child's feet.

Winter footwear is no exception as it has all the listed properties of a quality shoe and is also adapted for harsh weather as it has a non-slip tread and water-snow resistant materials.

Memo also produces specialized shoes for children with severe foot deformity, which are also suitable for children with cerebral palsy, as specially shaped, reinforced heel and extra belts correct defects and ensure correct walking.

Children's sandals purchase options:

You can buy shoes in our store in Vilnius. If you do not live in Vilnius, you can buy online and orthopedic footwear will be delivered to the post Office, LP Express or order will be delivered by Venipak couriers.