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Signs to help determine if elbow splint is required

Elbow pain, joint dislocation, instability during movement, muscle stiffness and unpleasant crunching when bending the arm - these are signals that need to be examined. You must find out the causes of these unpleasant symptoms as soon as possible and take actions to eliminate it effectively. One of the best tools to fight elbow pain and trauma is elbow splints

Advantages of elbow splint

The elbow splint must be worn in case of various types of injuries - bruises, sprains, epicondylitis. It is great for relieving pain in the forearm and elbow area. An elbow splint can also protect the hand during exercise or in chronic conditions. It is important to note that only a properly selected, high-quality splint will be able to provide comfort and joint stability.

Which elbow splint to choose?

Epicondylitis splints - will reduce the pain

We offer high quality and very comfortable elbow splints in case of epicondylitis. The elbow splint for epicondylitis has a special pad that massages the damaged tendon areas and at the same time improves blood circulation in the tissues. So the elbow splint for epicondylitis effectively contributes to the promotion of healing, relieve pain and inflammatory processes. These splints are made of an elastic material with air permeability, elasticity, so the splint will not restrict movements at all, it will be comfortable to wear.

Splints for sports and post-trauma healing

Elbow splints for sports are also very popular on the market, which are not only a great help in healing after injuries, but also a preventive tool used by people who are active during training. If you are lifting heavy weights or engaging in another sport that puts a lot of strain on your elbows, an elbow splint can protect you from stronger injuries.

Elastic splints: for the treatment of arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammation

In case of arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammation which affected the elbow joint, a great solution for suffering from elbow pain will be an elbow splint made of neoprene, warming, comfortable to wear, elastic. In these cases, as well as during epicondylitis or in the postoperative period, elastic elbow splints can also be helpful, reliably compressing the elbow joint and easily stabilizing it. Our assortment includes elastic elbow splints without or without special pads. The elastic splint is almost invisible visually, so you can wear it with confidence and not feel any discomfort.

Splints for fracture and ligament injury treatment

If you have suffered fractures or ligament injuries during the  rehabilitation period you will need to use elbow splin, which will restrict hand movements through the elbow and wrist, but will not restrict finger movements. If necessary, it is possible to adjust the amplitude of the elbow joint.

Quality, which heals

In our product catalog you will find comfortable and firm splints from reliable, valued European manufacturers at good prices. We choose the manufacturers whose orthopedic equipment is included in our assortment, very scrupulously and responsibly, therefore we offer you only the highest quality elbow splints.

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