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Face is the most visible, therefore most cherished, part of the body. Unfortunately, it is not protected against various accidents. However, modern technologies enable solving these problems and bring back the quality of life as well as self-esteem.

We can offer nose and ear prostheses. At the center for orthopedic medicine Pes Planus facial prostheses are manufactured for each client individually by taking into account the patient’s general skin condition, color, and age. Prostheses are manufactured within 1-2 weeks.

Nose and ear prostheses are usually required for the patients after the accidents and suffering from oncology or such other diseases. Artificial nose and ear is manufactured according to the actual proportions and shape and shows little or almost no difference from the actual facial skin color. Prostheses are manufactured from silicone of different hardness, which creates a closer sense of touching real skin than other synthetic materials used in prosthetics.

Don’t let the life’s challenges to prevent you from having the social life worth living and to diminish your self-esteem – entrust the solution to this problem to our professionals!