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If you experienced finger injury, bruising, sprain, inflammation or you are after surgical treatment, we recommend to use standard or customized finger splint. Individual finger splints are made of a breathable material, which significantly accelerates wound healing, the finger does not sweat, and you do not experience any discomfort when wearing the splint. After the contractures, it is recommended to use high-quality German or Swiss finger splints offered on our website and at the store in Vilnius, which are not replaced during rehabilitation. Such finger splints immobilize and restrict movement, which is very important after tendon rupture or surgical treatment. A properly fitted finger splint will speed up healing and allow you to get back to work as quickly as possible.

If you are looking to buy modern and durable finger splints, and good value price ratio is important to you, choose the products in the Pes Planus store. Here we offer an extremely wide range of various of splints for finger injuries and protection also you will find finger splints for straightening and bending the PIP joint and thumb, dynamic and other finger splints for children or adults.

Finger splint for straightening or bending the PIP joint is dynamic and will be a very good tool to restore the function of finger joint. A wide selection of finger splints will allow you to choose the one that best suits your capabilities, needs and indications. Our assortment also includes finger splints for children.

Another group of finger splints are splints to restore the bending or extending function of the DIP finger. These finger splints will be useful if there is lateral tilt of the finger, joint contracture, other deformity. Dynamic finger inserts will allow you to fight the problem effectively and fairly quickly and achieve the best results.

Some of the finger splints in our assortment, for example  those for stabilizing the finger joint, are made of the highest quality polypropylene. The properties of this material make finger splints extremely light and comfortable, it is likely that you will not even feel that you are wearing it. 

In our catalog - there is also a ligated finger insert, which is recommended to choose in case of fractures of the finger bone, ligament or tendons injuries.

You can choose a splint from the catalog or order an individual one. Custom made splints are popular when the finger needs to be immobilized in a certain position, as well as after surgical treatment, bone fracture or rupture of the tendons. Individual finger splints are made of low-temperature plastic, which gives the splints lightness, but also strength, allowing the skin to breathe freely, making these kind of splints - extremely comfortable. The great thing is that the individually made finger splints contains of material, which are X-ray permeable, so you will not have to take it off during the healing period to take an X-ray and evaluate the healing. The individual splint produced on the patient's finger fits the volume and performs its function perfectly. The splints are manufactured by professional specialists with a solid baggage of experience, knowledge and skills.