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Physical therapy - rehabilitation technique in which physiotherapy measures are used . They are suitable for practicing therapeutic exercises at home. The „Pes Planus“ clinic offers the most necessary physiotherapy supplies.

Physiotherapy equipment - what can we offer you?

Rehab therapy balls - for gymnastics and exercising. A stability ball can be called a gym at home, since the stability ball workouts strengthen all muscles of the body. Select a stability ball depending on your height. When sitting on the ball, your legs must form 90-degree angle.

A rehab therapy ball is used to improve balance and strengthen core muscles.

Stability cushions are physical therapy aids that have a dual function. While sitting on an unstable cushion the load on spinal tissues decreases. The second function is that while sitting on an unstable cushion you make micro movements that train the stabilizing muscles. This stability cushion is a great way to improve health, if you aresedentary, sit and work for long periods.

Massage roller is effective physical therapy equipment for massaging feet and large areas of the body. Effective and effortless self-massage. Reduces muscle tension.

Track – the surface is uneven, hard, and massaging, so a person, who wants to activate the blood circulation and the function of internal organs, should sometimes take a walk on such a track.

If you feel that you have problems with your back, feet, and legs, we suggest contacting Pes Planus Clinic, where the problem will be solved quickly and efficiently.