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Foot orthoses

In this product category, we present foot splints, postoperative shoes, worn after injuries or foot surgery.

Foot splints are useful in many situations. After foot operations, patients with diabetes, wounds and injuries of the anterior part of the foot, when the patient can not wear ordinary footwear, foot splints prevent the foot from twisting, regulates foot immobilization. The non-slip splint sole provides stable adhesion to the shoe sole.

With such splints, healing is much faster, avoids the recurrence of injuries, suppresses the pain experienced by the patient. The orthopedic foot splint is also suitable for wearing after other more complex foot operations (to immobilize the foot bone or thumb).

After surgery, in the presence of foot edema, postoperative shoes can also be used as a protective measure of plaster, plastic or bandage when the patient cannot wear normal footwear. The support given to their foot is the same as the splints.

In our store you can choose orthoses and postoperative shoes from different sizes. Made of breathable synthetic material, easy-to-apply orthopedic products will allow you to recover much faster and avoid repeated foot injuries.

To choose the right foot splint or postoperative shoes for you, please visit our online product catalog or Pes Planus store in Vilnius. We can offer our customers the manufacturer's Qmed splints. Qmed orthopedic technique is effective, durable and exudes comfort.

We invite you to choose the necessary foot splints at the right price for you in our catalog and then enjoy fast, comfortable and safe foot healing.