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If a person has lost a limb, has special needs, and wishes to improve his movement as well as the quality of life, orthotic and prosthetic practitioners recommend ordering a prosthesis.

Prosthesis is an artificial device that replaces a missing body part and performs visual, anatomical, and sometimes even cosmetic function. Prostheses are manufactured using lightweight quality materials. Thanks to new technologies, prosthesis will weigh very little and enable maximum restoration of a missing limb function. Materials used for the reconstruction of facial parts enable obtaining the color showing little or almost no difference from the human skin color. Every single prosthesis is custom-made by taking into account geometric and anatomical data as well as lifestyle of a patient.

The range of prostheses manufactured in Pes Planus Clinic:

- Finger, hand, forearm, and upper arm prostheses
- Foot, shin, and thigh prostheses
- Nose and ear prostheses

Our prostheses are manufactured according to high-quality German technology!

Our clients are exclusively offered quality and durable products manufactured from robust and accredited materials.