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The type of rehabilitation that involves physiotherapy is called physiotherapy. And the abundance of these tools allows you to do a variety of exercises to strengthen your whole body or certain muscles. Massage rollers are one of the most popular physiotherapy tools both in treatment facilities and at home exercise.

What are Massage Rollers?

Massage roller is a high-function physiotherapy tool that helps to massage whole body muscles (strengthen them, stretch, relax and stimulate), and also perfectly suited for reflexotherapy.

What are the benefits of massage rollers?

Massage roller will be indispensable if you need to relax tense muscles, help to reduce muscle pain, stiffness. Especially these rollers are suitable if you suffer from back pain or other back muscle problems. Also, having this roller at home will help you effectively and easily improve tissue blood flow. This tool will be suitable for balancing or other exercises. A wide range of uses only justifies the need to have this physiotherapy tool at home, because it will make your exercise much more effeicient, easier to perform.
If you choose a massage roller with spikes, you will enjoy a pleasant massage and even faster result.
The roller will help to relax the muscles, not only when there is medical indications, but also after strenuous workout or a busy work day.
Moreover, it must also be noted that the benefits of a massage roller are inseparable from the positive impact on the joints. By using a roller you can effectively reduce the pressure exerted on the joints, which prevents pain, bathing, or other discomfort in your joints.
Use a massage roller depending on which muscles you want to relax. It is perfect for shins, thighs, buttocks, inner hips, back, etc. Exercise will be very easy, simple, but incredibly useful. How to perform the exercises? Just lie down comfortably, base your hands and feet on the foundation, and roll the parts of the body you want to massage.

Massage rollers in our assortment

• Our assortment includes high quality, durable massage rollers from the Italian manufacturer Gymnic and Polish manufacturer QMED.
• Rollers are suitable for full-body muscle massage, for reduced joint mobility and to strengthen deep muscles, improve blood circulation and more.
• There is a roller with small bumps.
• It is possible to individually adjust the hardness of some rollers.
• Suitable for massage of various muscle groups.

Where to buy high-quality massage rollers?

If you are considering where to buy a high quality, durable and functional massage roller, we suggest you to look around the "PesPlanus" range. We welcome you to our stores in Vilnius and you can also shop online.. We offer rollers and other physiotherapy tools at competitive price, we advise, provide detailed information and help you choose the products that best suits your needs. Although our price-quality ratio is very attractive, orthopedic products can be bought even more cheaply if you don't miss a chance when there is a discount on products.