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Arm splint. By visiting this section of our page "Arm splint" you will find information about orthopedic splints for fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulder. You will also find arm holders for effortlessly keeping your injured arm in a bent position.

When is necessary to use arm splint?

Expierenced hand injury, bruising, sprains, or in conditions such as epicondylitis (tennis elbow), carpal tunnel syndrome, it is always recommended to use a textile arm brace. After various neurological diseases, stroke, paresis,radial nerve damage, etc., or after surgical treatment, it is very important to fix the hand in a proper position with the help of an arm holder.

Individual arm splint - for the joy of movement

The orthopedic technician, using the newest technology materials, will make an individual arm splint according to the client's current situation. Properly adjusted arm splint will improve rehabilitation and restore active movement. With these kind of splints you can even swim or shower.

Universal splints for everyone!

At “Pes Planus” store in Vilnius and e-shop we also offer universal arm holders, shoulder, elbow, wrist or finger splints that are adjustable with straps and fit to everyone. So, if the trauma is not complicated or severe, the injured area can be immobilized using these splints. Here you can find out about the parameters, manufacturers and prices of these products.

Production recognized in the world

We offer our customers  orthopedic products from reputable manufacturers in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and other European countries, ensuring effective care after hand injuries or bone fractures.