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This product category includes lumbar and spinal splints suitable for injuries, as well as for work or sports.

We recommend wearing a spine splint in case of back pain, after sports, injuries or surgical treatment. However, in most cases (70% of cases) the cause of back pain remains unclear. More often back hurts for people who are obese, do not exercise, work in uncomfortable forced position or have an irregular posture. In such cases, a back splint can be used to relieve pain, especially when the back has a heavy load during work. One of the most important part to prevent back pain is to strengthen the core muscles by doing muscles strengthening exercises.

However, sometimes, in cases such as disc herniation, sprain of the back muscles, radiculopathy, etc., we recommend purchasing a textile splint for the back. A textile back splint usually has additional structural elements: tension straps, a detachable heating layer, and plastic reinforcements. In the case of a vertebral fracture, it is usually necessary to wear an orthopedic back splint made using thermoplastic materials. The 3D low-temperature plastic used in the manufacture of spinal splints is porous, air permeable. This is especially important when the back splint needs to be worn for a long time (for example, some cases requires to wear back splint for 24 hours straight).

Orthopedic back splints are not only used to relieve back pain. Elastic lumbar splints are perfect for people who are doing sports that require dangerous movements of the spine and increase a risk of spinal injuries - the splint will maintain stable lumbar position during training.

We invite you to choose the most suitable product in our product catalog online or by visiting the "Pes Planus" store in Vilnius. Our product range includes only products from manufacturers from Switzerland, Sweden or Germany with excellent reviews, which ensure the best results in healing or preventing injuries. You can find out about the prices and manufacturers of the splints by clicking on the desired product.