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All sports require regular work, training and accurate movements. Improperly placed foot, during a sudden step, jumping on a hard surface - all this can lead to the athlete's movement being stopped due to an unpleasant injury to the leg, arm or shoulder. Especially often representatives of active sports and non-professionals are at risk of injury during sports without proper footwear, on the wrong paving, without warm-up or during various movements. Special orthopedic sports orthoses, insoles, compression socks for sports help to protect your body from injury.

Sport othotics - what can we offer you?

Sports orthoses are orthopedic appliances that provide special protection to areas of the body that have previously suffered trauma. Orthoses for sports can also be used prophylactically. Against repeated injuries, protective splints for sports stabilize the joints and ligaments around it, protect against dislocations and injuries. This orthopedic implement is applied to various parts of the body: sports orthoses for the knee, ankle, wrist, shoulder, shin, elbow, etc. Attached splint for athlete gives more freedom for movement, it is guaranteed that the previously injured or even the operable limb will be protected, and the injury will not recur.

With professional orthopedists designed and tested sports orthoses protects:

- ankle;
- knee;
- thigh;
- calf;
- Achilles tendon;
- shoulder;
- elbow;
- wrist.

Sports splints are suitable for not every sport

The protection provided by orthoses is very often tested by professional basketball players, footballers, runners, people playing handball, tennis, hockey, etc. Sports that require extreme speed, reaction and endurance are very often unimaginable without leg or arm injuries, but splints provide almost maximum protection for the sport. It goes without saying that more and more people have recently become infected by the "sports virus". It is gratifying that a large part of them strive to exercise correctly, to protect their muscles, joints and ligaments. Orthopedists also recommend sports orthoses for sports enthusiasts. With this tool, non-professionals will reduce the chances of trauma and serious injuries. So, when going to an amateur basketball training or getting ready for a run it is worth putting on a special orthopedic sports splint.

All sports splints are strong and of high quality

They are characterized by lightness and softness. Their protection for parts of the body such as knee, ankle or wrist is unquestionable. By firmly squeezing but not tightening the limbs, orthoses allow air to pass through, so the skin "breathes". Putting them on and taking them off is not complicated at all, and if necessary, the size of some sports splints can be adjusted.

Reducing the risk of limb injuries can also be achieved by using sports or individual insoles. Insoles for sports are intended not only for professional sportsmen, but also for people who occasionally for people going out for sports. Special insoles placed in the sole of the shoe reduce the force of impact, keep the foot stable, prevent damage to the posture, which reduces the risk of injuries. These orthopedic inserts adapt to the arches of the foot and allows you to exercise correctly.

Individual sports insoles are recommended for those who are determined to spend more time in the gym or for professional sports. Insoles are made for each person’s foot individually, which perfectly adapt to the arches of the foot, correspond to the size of the sole and other anatomical features of the human foot, softens the impacts during movements and distribute the loads on the feet evenly.

Another protection against unpleasant body injuries during sports is compression sports socks. Made of unique microfibers, they provide different compression in certain areas of the leg, thereby stimulating blood circulation, protecting muscles from rupture, helping to recover faster from training or competition.

We offer sports orthoses, insoles or compression socks that guarantee strong and special body protection. The production of foreign manufacturers is suitable for representatives of various sports.

The risk of injury will be reduced with the purchase of Schein (Germany), OMNIMED (Switzerland), Sporlastic (Germany), MEDIROYAL (Sweden) orthopedic sports orthoses and VENOSAN (Switzerland) compression sports socks.