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At Pes Planus orthopedic centre and e-shop sells orthopedic sandals and boots for babies and children (boys and girls), orthopedic shoes for babies and children.

Feet serve us all our lives and have to support our weight all the time, so it is very important to take care of them from infancy. The best care is prevention. We recommend that parents chose prophylactic orthopedic footwear for children. We would like to point out that the quality of orthopedic shoes for and incorrect selection are very important, because wearing poor quality shoes can cause various foot deformities.

How to choose the right orthopedic shoes for children?

First of all, it is very important to buy orthopedic shoes with a child. In the store, put on the orthopedic shoes to your child, let him walk, run, because only then the foot gets load and then it is possible to assess whether the shoes will fit or not. Also, be sure to look over the shoes carefully. Orthopedic shoes for children must have a specially shaped insole that maintains the correct physiological position of the foot, a firm heel area that stabilizes the ankle joint, a wide front part of the shoe that does not restrict the movements of the toes and the entire foot. It is also very significant to pay attention to whether the middle part of shoe is flexible. From that depends child ability to qualitatively perform heel off phase in gait. These factors lead to better development of the muscular mechanism. Also, children orthopedic footwear must be made using natural materials to make sure the foot does not sweat.

How long it is recommended to wear orthopedic shoes?

It is recommended orthopedic sandals or orthopedic shoes for girls and boys to wear 5-6 hours a day.

IMPORTANT! Do not use aldready worn shoes!
Worn shoes are usually already deformed by the feet of a previous child. And this can affect the proper formation of your kids foot.

Where can we send the ordered shoes?

You can buy shoes in our store in Vilnius. If you do not live in Vilnius, you can buy online and orthopedic footwear will be delivered to the post Office, Omniva, LP Express or order will be delivered by Venipak couriers.