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In this category you will be able to choose the most suitable calf splint for you.

A calf splint is required in case of sprains, tears, inflammation of the calf muscles or Achilles tendon. It is also used for injury prevention.

Calf orthoses provides stability, warms the muscles, suppresses pain and significantly improves healing process.

Calf splints are made of extremely elastic neoprene has a good thermal insulation, does not absorb moisture and therefore dry quickly.

The splints are made using an elastic, breathable material, are extremely pleasant to wear, stretchy and elastic, does not restrict movements. So even after being treated for more serious injuries with these splints, you will feel optimal comfort and the healing process will be as gentle and comfortable as possible.

We kindly invite you to choose a calf splint in our store in Vilnius or on the “Pes Planus” website. Each calf splint presented in this catalog is made to the highest standards - we distribute orthopedic products from recognized European manufacturers that will guarantee fast and effective healing process after muscle injuries and surgeries. For more information on calf splint prices, manufacturers or sizes, please select the product you want in this catalogue.