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In the Switzerland manufacturer Venosan assortment you can find therapeutic II compression class socks knee or thigh high. These socks are perfect for more severe forms of varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, lymphoedema or lipoedema. Also after superficial or deep thrombophlebitis and after surgical treatment of venous or venous ulcers. Compression stockings compress the leg veins with a steadily decreasing pressure, thus stimulating blood circulation and preventing the formation of dangerous thrombs.

A common question is how to choose the right length of compression stockings. It is important to note in which area of the foot the problem is. If venous varicose or deep vein thrombosis have occurred in the calves, then it is advisable to wear knee-high socks, which activate blood circulation in the foot and calf and prevent swelling of the legs. In case of swelling all over the leg, deep vein thrombosis was in the thigh area or varicose veins are visible at this point, it is necessary to wear thigh-high compression stockings, because the thrombosis was not in the calf but in the thigh and you need to secure the vein valves in all lower limb.