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Painful feet? Worth the worry

If you notice that your child is positioning his feet incorrectly or complaining of foot pain, it is recommended that you do not wait for the problem to get worse, you have to go visit an orthopedic and test your children foot. These symptoms may signal deformities such as in-toeing, flat feet and other disorders,which need to be treated. If your child has foot problems, it is likely that the specialist will recommend to wear orthopedic footwear.

At the "Pes Planus" clinic you will find high quality orthopedic footwear for children and popular brands of orthopedic footwear for men and women.

Orthopedic comfort shoes are ideal not only for those with serious foot deformities, but also for those who, complain of foot pain, fatigue and for those who work
under stressful conditions that require a lot of walking or standing.

"Pes Planus" clinic in Vilnius and e-shop offer quality orthopedic and comfort shoes for all seasons at attractive price, so everyone will find the right footwear
for themselves.

Orthopedic footwear for children

The range of orthopedic footwear for children: first shoes, low and high open sandals, high closed shoes. Our offered orthopedic footwear not only perform their
essential function, protect children feet, provide comfort when walking, running and doing other activities, but this footwear also have attractive design,
beautiful, playful colors, so will definitely win the children sympathy and will be willingly worn. It is very important that orthopedic footwear for children, would
be correctly chosen. "Pes Planus" specialists are always there to help customers choose the best suitable footwear for their feet.

Comfort shoes for adults

In "Pes Planus" clinic and e-shop you will find a very comfortable and anatomical shaped comfort shoes that are much more suitable for walking than a regular shoes.
Wearing comfort shoes, you will forget about calluses, foot fatigue, back pain, and joint pain even if you have to stand or walk a lot during the day. Comfort shoes -
the perfect choice for travel, long walks, standing job. If you need to wear comfort shoes as a treatment, you will need orthopedic inserts - put them in the shoes
and the result will be like wearing a personalized orthopedic footwear.

Get your orthopedic footwear at "Pes Planus" e-shop - wide range, attractive prices, top quality and convenient buying process.