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In this product category you will find the required type of leg splint: thigh, knee, knee patella, calf, ankle, foot orthopedic splints and splints for the Achilles tendon.

Leg splint - when is it needed?

If your work is physical or you do sports that involve intensive training of the leg muscles and they get a lot of load. This means that there is an increased risk of injury, severe trauma that requires rehabilitation. Proper rehabilitation requires purpose-built leg splints.

Leg splints are recommended to be worn after limb fractures, in case of inflammatory processes of joints, ligaments and muscles, after joint dislocations. The leg splint should also be worn during sports or during postoperative period. Various types of orthopedic leg splints stabilize and warm the joint, speed healing process or give preventive protection during sports and daily activities. Calf or knee splints are the most common preventative measure used by professional athletes for basketball, running, tennis or other sports

Foot device for hardly healing wounds

In exceptional cases, leg device can also be generated individually, which is used for the treatment of post-traumatic contractures of the leg joints (decreased joint mobility), poorly healing fractures, unstable joints after dislocation or rupture of ligaments, nerve damage.

Prices, purchase and quality

We invite you to buy the most suitable leg splint in the Pes Planus store in Vilnius or in this online store. We offer our customers goods of impeccable quality with only positive feedback. Each leg splint in our catalog stands out for its durability and efficiency, as we receive our products from highly valued Swedish, German and Swiss manufacturers. You can find out about the prices of leg splints by selecting the desired product in our catalog.