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Highly comfortable and ergonomic underarm and forearm crutches, which will make recovering from surgery or injury much easier, are available for sale at Pes Planus Clinic in Vilnius and online.

The crutches are designed for both children and adults and are made of high quality aluminum. The products also feature safety and durability. These lightweight crutches can be adjusted to the desired height. When using the underarm crutches, the body weight is taken through hands on the handgrips, the forearm crutches have the primary advantage of allowing transfer a part of the user’s body weight. One of the most important features of crutches is their tips. The more durable the crutch tips, the more likely they will not wear out that fast and will not need to be changed by new ones. In addition, tight-fitting tip attachments provide optimum crutch position and more effortless and comfortable walking assistance. By purchasing the crutches sold in our clinic, you will receive free advice to help you choose the best crutches and detailed instructions for using them. Thus, if you are looking for comfortable and reliable crutches at a really attractive price, Pes Planus will take care of the quality of your walk!