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Wearing inappropriate, uncomfortable footwear not only can cause foot fatigue, pain, callus formation, but also wrong feet position provides additional loading on back and other joints, causing pain. The best way to avoid all of this is to buy comfortable footwear, which distributes the loads evenly.

At "Pes Planus" clinic or e-shopwe offer comfort shoes for women, men and children, whitch is perfect for travel, work or long walks. Anatomically shaped, extra comfortable shoes optimally distributes load to the entire foot, minimizing discomfort in the front feet and avoids heavy loads on the back and joints as much as possible.

Here you will find an wide assortment of comfort shoes, from sandals to slippers, styles and colors, and leather shoes for autumn or winter seasons. All the shoes on offer at the store are from world renowned and recognized shoe manufacturers such as Actiflex, Ortho, etc., so if you care for your health and need comfortable footwear that will help you toforget about feet fatigue and enjoy comfortable walking - choose Pes Planus!