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In this category you will find soft and firm neck splints.

A neck splint is recommended to be worn after various types of neck injuries, surgeries, or neurological conditions. The splint protects the neck, hold and stabilize the vertebrae of the cervical spine in the correct position.

Neck splints made of foam are soft. The anatomical incision of the chin and velcro band allow easy adjustment and immobilization of the neck. After a cervical vertebral fracture, we recommend a splint made of thermoplastic materials. Neck braces made of these materials are light, comfortable and adjustable with the special straps, therefore they are also suitable for children. Special strap adjustment allow to stabilize the neck accuretely in correct position.

The simplier type of splint is, the lower it cost. After extremely complicated surgeries, rigid orthopedic neck splints are required to maintain the correct neck and head position as accurately as possible.

In this product category you will find Sporlastic, Orthoteh,Mdh Sp.zo.o - neck braces offered by German, Bulgarian and Poland  manufacturers. Our suppliers are valued and highly experienced manufacturers who can offer products of impeccable quality in every case. We invite you to choose neck braces in the "Pes Planus" clinic in Vilnius or order the goods online.