Soft cervical orthosis Comfort

Soft cervical orthosis  Comfort
  • cervical spine distortion
  • neck ligament sprain
  • acute or chronic neck pain
  • condition after cervical vertebral fracture or intervertebral disc surgical treatment
  • spine cord bloodstream insufficiency
Orthoteh (Bulgaria)

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  •   Precise anatomic shape
  •   Comfortable polyurethane material
  •   Provides soft support for the lower jaw
  •   Soft cotton lining

The Soft Cervical Collar Comfort of “Orthoteh” has a precise shape designed for the specific anatomy of the region. It provides a comfortable support for the nape and the lower jaw. The stability and comfort are guaranteed by the dense polyurethane construction with an appropriate rigidity. The product limits neck movement and thus reduces pain. An outer layer made of 100% cotton and with antibacterial coating ensures a comfortable feel against the skin.

Neck volume (cm) 8 8 10 10
Neck lenght  (cm) 27-36 36-46 27-36 36-46

How to apply:

  • Place the Soft Cervical Collar Comfort around the neck so that the anatomical curve in the middle is facing the lower jaw.
  • Set in this position using the Velcro strip.

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