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The benefits of an ankle orthosis

Orthopedic ankle splint ensures the stability of the ankle, absorbs movements and reduces swelling. Ankle splints produced by modern technologies do not restrict joint movements, absorbs moisture perfectly and evaporates it very quickly. Elastic ankle splints are especially resilient and pleasant to wear.

Ankle splint is a necessity when:

An ankle splint is required for various ailments: chronic instability of the ankle joint, ankle ligament sprain or rupture, after external and / or internal ankle fractures, after surgical treatment or rehabilitation.

Ankle protection for athletes

We also offer sports-adapted splints that provide additional stability and immobilization. The sole of the splint is seamless and thin, so it will fit perfectly in both - sports and everyday shoes. This splint is especially relevant for football and basketball, as these sports often require strong protection of the ankle joint from sprains of the internal and external ligaments.

Wide selection and exclusive offers

If you need an ankle splint after surgery, rehabilitation or for sports, visit the “Pes Planus: clinic or search for products you need on our website. High-quality products are sold here at extremely attractive prices, and the range includes ankle splints with air pads and also orthoses for plantar fasciitis and heel spur. Here you will also find elastic and very tight elastic and sports ankle splints.

Individual splints - for the joy of movement

If necessary, we also accept individual orders, during which we produce splints that are perfectly adapted to your ankle size and adjustable with the help of straps