Orthopedic massage balls

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What are Orthopedic Massage Balls?

Orthopedic massage balls are used for gymnastic exercises, exercises when there are certain problems, pains, for prophylactic or simply to ensure well-being. Such balls are a great tool for strengthening the muscles of the whole body, improve tone, they are indispensable for rehabilitation after injuries.

We can offer you:
•for relaxation of plantar fascia;
•spiked balls;
•this category includes so-called "hedgehogs" - massage platforms and also massage rollers;
•double massage balls;
•gel-based, rehab balls.

We have orthopedic balls of various hardness. which one would you like to have: hard, soft or medium hard?

In the abundance of our offers there are balls for both adults and children. All massage balls in our assortment meet high quality requirements, are made of durable, safe and reliable materials, with high functionality.

Where to buy high quality orthopedic massage balls?

If you are looking for a high quality, reliable and best exercise ball, Pes Planus products will surely justify your expectations. Come to our stores in Vilnius or shop online. E-shop comes with a price, detailed information for each product, making shopping very convenient. If necessary, we will provide comprehensive consultation and help you choose the most appropriate orthopedic ball or other physiotherapy equipment from our spectrum.