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For people, who have lost an ear or have related disabilities, ear prosthesis may be an option to ensure higher self-esteem, reduce social exclusion, and eliminate aesthetic discomfort.

Cosmetic prosthetics for ear is based on modern technologies, thus, an artificial ear is manufactured according to the actual proportions and shape and shows little or almost no difference from the actual skin color.

Ear prosthesis is manufactured from silicone of different hardness, which creates a closer sense of touching real skin than other synthetic materials used in prosthetics.

At the center for orthopedic medicine Pes Planus ear prostheses are manufactured for each client individually by taking into account the patient’s general skin condition, color, and age.

Depending on the patient’s body reactions to materials and special implants, ear prostheses are attached using special materials.

Ear prosthesis is normally manufactured within 2 weeks.