Orthoses for Achilles tendonitis

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In this category, you will find splints to wear after an Achilles tendon injury.

Achilles tendons are often vulnerable during exercise, otherwise actively spending time, or in the event of an accident. For these reasons, tendon sprain, inflammation, rupture occur.  In the presence of this or any other achilles tendon injury, it is important to heal it as soon as possible and to prevent new injuries.

The splint for Achilles tendons stabilizes, strengthens the damaged area and at the same time provides a massaging effect. The Achilles tendon splint reduces muscle vibration and pain experienced during movement. With a splint, swelling is reduced, healing is faster and protection from recurrence of injuries is prevented.

In our store in Vilnius and in the product catalog online, German quality splints for Achilles tendon are sold, directly from the manufacturer Sporlastic. These are extremely high quality splints made of durable materials. The splints are sturdy, but thanks to the 3D knitting technology used during production, they anatomically fit perfectly to the foot and heel. Here we offer you to buy orthopedic goods, evaluated by professionals and customers who have already tried them. You can find splint prices and other information about the goods by clicking on the product you want.