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We offer a variety of knee and patella splints for all possible knee or patella problems.

When should you think about buying a knee or patella splint?

Knee or patellar splint is needed in many situations: knee pain, inflammation, osteoarthritis, synovitis, after bruising, sprains, meniscus rupture, patellar ligament looseness, dislocation when patellar centering is required, after meniscus surgery, other patellar diseases. We have solutions to all these problems.

Knee orthoses: advantages, advantages, advantages...

The splints are made of air-permeable materials. They are comfortable to wear, they are elastic, do not restrict movements, absorb moisture perfectly and evaporate it very quickly. The knee splint optimally and evenly compresses and easily stabilizes the knee joint, thus significantly accelerating healing and decreases pain. Elastic splints are extremely thin, so when wearing an elastic splint, it is not even noticeable under clothing. Due to the excellent evaporation of moisture in the summer, these splints will not allow you to sweat, and in the winter will be warm and pleasant for the body.

Need extra protection? - neoprene strips

We also offer neoprene strips with additional support for the patella, which are especially suitable for osteochondropathy of the tibia, in case of inflammation of the patella when patellar ligament is sprained.

Take care of your body by exercising

We also have a closed patella knee splints that are especially suitable for athletes. The protective knee splint for sports in the back is thinner and more elastic, so it allows you to easily bend your leg through the knee joint.

Knee splint for basketball will protect the knee and patella during running, jumps, descents. The knee splint for running will provide reliable protection for the knee and patella both slowly and quickly running when the foot performs a lot of resistance and other movements. A knee splint for skiing will allow you to enjoy this winter sports and minimize the risk of knee injuries. In our range of goods you will also find knee splints suitable for other sports such as: football, volleyball, golf, etc.

What size of the knee splint do you need?

The size of the knee splint varies. You will find out which size do you need by measuring the volume - either on the knee joint or above and below the knee. For example, a knee splint after meniscus surgery - such splint comes in several sizes. To find out what size is right for you, you will need to measure the volume above and below the knee. When choosing an elastic knee splint, measure the volume directly around the knee joint and evaluate which size - S, M, L or XL - is right for you. The price of a knee splint does not vary depending on the size.