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We offer a wide selection of knee orthoses for athletes. There is no secret that professional athletes, such as basketball players, soccer players, hockey players, runners, often face injuries during training or competitions. A knee splint for sports will be useful in many situations, both as a preventative measure and as part of the treatment process in the event of an injury or disease. A knee splint for sports will be indispensable if you feel pain in the knee area while exercising or at rest, if inflammatory processes, synovitis or other illnesses have started, if you have a ruptured meniscus, dislocated knee and many other cases. What’s more, a knee splint for sports will be very helpful when it comes to centering the patella, with patellar ligament freedom, after meniscus surgery, which is quite common for athletes.

A knee splint for sports is an excellent preventive tool for those who care about their athletic form and health. Such a splint will help to prevent or reduce the risk of injuries during sports.

 In the category of knee orthoses for sports, you will find splints for the patella, which are very popular among athletes. These splints are effective in relieving knee pain and are also recommended in the postoperative or rehabilitation period after trauma. A patch for the patella will ensure the correct position of the patella.

Athletes often need elastic knee orthoses if they suffer from knee pain, sprains, rupture of the meniscus, and the postoperative period. An elastic knee splint can be worn during sports and as a prophylactic measure. Due to smooth clamping and immobilization of the knee joint, it effectively helps to prevent or reduce the likelihood of injuries during sports. And by choosing a knee splint for sports with an integrated silicone ring-shaped insert and side reinforcements, you will be sure that the patella and the entire knee joint are properly stabilized, also providing compression that has a positive effect on blood circulation, lymph flow and knee pain and swelling.

 For injured athletes, knee splints allow them to recover their athletic form much more efficiently and quickly.

 Knee splints for sports are made only from the highest quality materials, durable and pleasant to wear, allowing the skin to breathe and effectively evaporate moisture, so you will not feel any discomfort.