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Thigh splints offered in this category of goods.

Thigh splints are recommended for thigh muscle sprains, inflammations, tears. Also thigh splints are used for prevention of injuries. When worn, the thigh is warmed, and its muscles are stabilized, and because of that recovery is faster, and the risk of new injuries is reduced.

Our thigh splints are made of elastic, air permeable materials, because of that they are completely comfortable to wear. The splints are resilient and elastic, do not limit movements, have well absorption, and evaporate well and quickly. Therefore, after various injuries, wearing a thigh splint can continue your daily activities without any disturbances - you will not even feel that you are wearing a splint under your clothes and you will not feel any discomfort.

We also offer splints made using extremely elastic neoprene, which has good thermal insulation, does not absorb moisture and therefore dries quickly.

You can choose the right size splint according to the size tables in the product descriptions, and then all you have to do is enjoy a quick recovery!

In the Pes Planus product catalog online or in our store in Vilnius, we offer to buy the most suitable splint for your thighs. We sell orthopedic products from reputable manufacturers (Omnimed, Mediroyal, etc.), the effectiveness in the treatment of injuries has already been convinced by many buyers. We guarantee each of our customers the impeccable quality of goods and the comfort of wearing splints. You can find out about product prices, manufacturers and other parameters by selecting the desired product in this category.