Compression sleeve without mitts (Ccl.2)

Compression sleeve without mitts (Ccl.2)
  • lymphedema (primary, secondary)
  • congenital lymphatic system malformations
  • after mastectomy and radiation therapy
  • post-traumatic
  • post-burn or post-operative lymphatic vascular lesions
Venosan (Switzerland)

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The VENOSAN® compression sleeve is made of strong knitted fabric with seaweed cells, which guarantees excellent therapeutic results and skin care. Sea Cell fiber nourishes the skin with vitamins, minerals and lipids. Therefore, they are perfect for neurodermatitis or psoriasis, and the tactel and cotton in the composition provide comfort to the skin.

The high-stiffness material provides a stronger massage effect and can effectively prevent swelling.

The therapeutic effect of compression sleeves is guaranteed-6 months.






Measurements through the middle of the upper arm (cm)





Wrist measurement (cm)






Sleeve length

Arm length from wrist  ( cm)






Package contains 1 pc.

Compression class II: 23-32 mmHg

Composition:62 % TACTEL® Polyamide | 26 % Elastane | 8 % Cotton | 4 % Lyocell / SeaCell®


Wearing and maintaining compression sleeves:

• Wear VENOSAN gloves when wearing compression sleeves - they will make it easier to put on and take off these sleeves.

• To facilitate slipping and putting on, use a special aid that will not only make it easier to put on the sleeve but also protect them from being damaged by sharp nails.

Care of compression sleeves
Washing instructions:
• You can wash sleeves by hands or in a washing machine by setting up a gentle washing program and putting sleevss in the washing bag. Water temperature - not more than 40 ° C;
• Use neutral soap for soft fabrics (do not use bleach or fabric softeners);
• Do not use any chemicals;
• Do not iron;
• Do not dry on radiators, in direct sunlight or in a dryer;
• Compression sleeves are best to dry in a horizontal position, allow to dry naturally in room temperature;
• Regularly wipe the silicone straps, whitch can be found on the top of the sleeves, with spirit to improve adhesion.
• Protect compression sleeves from various lubricants, creams or oils, direct sunlight, high intensity light and heat, as all of these factors affect compression reduction.

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