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Actiflex women's footwear are shaped based on the anatomy of the foot and the most common foot problems, so these shoes properly distribute foot loads, the foot can move freely, preventing foot pain and discomfort. This footwear will help you to forget about foot fatigue and enjoy easy and comfortable walking.

ACTIFLEX - footwear gives extra comfort to the feet. Exceptionally soft leather and / or lycra is used in the production of this shoes. Therefore, any shaped foot will fit into these shoes. The Actiflex comfort footwear is suitable for people who have to wear orthopedic insoles and also have mild to severe deformed feet. This footwear is available in 4 widths and is marked with the letters G, H, J, K where G is for those with a narrow foot and the letter K is for extra wide and deformed feet.
The footwear is also marked with the following symbols:
It is recommended to choose the footwear marked with this symbol for those who have the deformity of the first toe, also called HALLUX VALGUS. Shoes marked with this
symbol do not have stitches at first toe joint area and have additionaly sewn extra soft leather or lycra, which significantly reduces pressure and prevents friction
of the first toe.
 It is recommended to choose the shoes marked with this symbol for those who have Hammer toe deformity Hammer toe - is a deformity that causes your toe to bend or curl downward instead of pointing forward. Usually deformity is caused because of muscle pathology or abnormal bone length, poor foot mechanics or rheumatoid arthritis.

It is recommended to choose the shoes marked with this symbol, if you have both foot deformities mentioned above.

Comfort footwear features:

1. The shoe optimally adapts to the shape of the foot, while the additional sewn soft leather or lycra details provide maximum comfort to the deformed foot areas.

2. Because of high quality leather and soft sole, the shoes are lightweight, ensure minimum weight and maximum comfort.

3. Natural materials allow the skin to breathe, while impregnated boots (Impregnator Aquastop) are waterproof.

4. A special cushioning pad absorbs shocks and protects joints and helps prevent foot pain.
5. After removing the insoles from shoe, you will be able to insert the insoles you already have. And if necessary, we are able to make customized insoles - according  to your foot and adapt them exclusively for this shoe.

6. Flexible sole for maximum freedom of movement.

7. High-quality leather shoe does not irritate or allergize to foot skin.

  8. Various shoe widths allow the foot to fit perfectly for maximum comfort and healthy gait. Due to the use of elastic leather shoes retains its original shape and does not deform, which ensures a long lasting footwear.

9.Shoes quality. Each year, the actiflex footwear manufacturer carries out an independent external quality audit Quality Management Certificate, which guarantees a quality product and its components.