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Rehabilitation method, which uses a wide range of physiotherapy tools, is called physiotherapy. Massage balls, elastic bands, rollers, mats, etc. These are the tools that helps to strengthen the whole body muscles or certain muscle groups, also to relax and train muscles, they are also useful for joints, posture adjustment, post-traumatic rehabilitation exercises, etc. Very popular and functional in this abundance of tools are massage mats.

What are massage mats?

The massage mat is a small but high functional and simple use physiotherapy tool that helps you to effectively massage your feet and relax or successfully fight foot fatigue and other discomfort and problems. Acupressure massage mats will suit not only your feet but also your back and neck areas.

What are the benefits of massage mats?

The foot massage mat will be indispensable if you work requires standing psotion, traveling a lot on foot , or just often having leg pain and foot fatigue. Massage mats effectively stimulates and activates metabolism, have a positive effect on blood circulation in the feet, provides excellent massage and relaxation of muscles, quickly removing foot fatigue. Foot reflex points massage is not only felt in the extremities - it also contributes to the normalization of the internal organs and the strengthening of the immune system. Another advantage is compactness, so you can take a massage mat on your journey, carry it to work and whenever you need to take care of your tired feet, comfort and well-being.

We also offer acupressure massage mats, which will be indispensable for muscle tension, head, neck or back pain, foot fatigue as well as fighting against stress and insomnia. In addition, such a massage mat is also useful for cellulite! It can help with general weakness, will be effective aid for discomfort in muscle spasms, troubling digestive disorders, arthritis. The mat's spiked acupuncture discs provide a punctured massage effect. In just 20 to 30 minutes you will feel the effectiveness of the procedure.

Massage mats in our range

• Massage mats are made of high quality propylene and is water resistant - you will be able to use it inside and outside.
• Massage mats are 172 cm long and 35 cm wide. The mat is conveniently folded for easier transportation, carrying in a backpack or purse.
• Acupuncture mats are made of cotton and non-toxic plastic, so they are skin-friendly, non-allergic and give the best experience in using the mat.
• The dimensions of the acupressure mats are 74x67x43 cm.

Where can you buy high-quality massage mats?

If you want to take responsible care of your health and considering where to buy a high - quality, durable and functional massage mat for your feet or back? We offer to choose our assortment. You will find Pes Planus orthopedic centers in Vilnius, and those who cannot come - can conveniently and quickly shop online. We offer not only massage mats, but also other physical therapy tools for adults and children: massage rollers, orthopedic balls, elastic bands, etc.
High quality, attractive price, professional and attentive service – what we offer to each of our clients. If you do not know what mat would suit you, we will advise and help you choose the most suitable physical therapy tool. _____________________