Thigh-high thin compression socks (Ccl.2) closed toe

Thigh-high thin compression socks (Ccl.2) closed toe
  • primary and secondary venous varicose
  • varicose veins during pregnancy
  • venous sclerotherapy
  • after venous surgery
  • after thrombophlebitis (superficial)
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • post-thrombotic syndrome
  • thrombosis prevention in outpatients
  • grade I-III chronic venous insufficiency
  • prevention of venous ulcers
  • lymphodema
  • edema during pregnancy
  • post-traumatic edema
Venosan (Switzerland)

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Thin II compression class socks are designed for active women following fashion trends, whose pace of life is tense, but they have to take special care of the health of their feet. II compression class socks reduce edema, pain and other symptoms of leg and activate blood circulation, ensure lymph drainage. These compression socks are similar to casual socks, so your legs will look graceful and elegant, and those around you will not even notice that you are wearing therapeutic compression socks.

Thin therapeutic thigh-high II compression class stockings activate blood circulation and lymph drainage in all legs, so they should be worn if venous varicose or deep vein thrombosis occur not only in the calf but also in the thigh. It is also recommended to wear therapeutic compression stockings up to the top of the groin in case of lymph or lipoedema, after sclerotherapy, before and after the postpartum period, in the condition after surgical treatment of venous or venous ulcers in the lower leg and thigh.

Venosan compression socks are made on the basis of the latest medical knowledge and modern textile technology. It contain eco-friendly fibers (tested according to the Oeko-Tex standard 100 standard), which will improve your quality of life and well-being. The socks comply with all currently applicable national and international regulations, have been awarded the Medical Compression Socks quality mark and are also periodically inspected by official inspection organisations.

Used after consultation with a doctor. Composition: 65% Polyamide, 35% elastane






Ankle (narrowest point
above ankle bone)





Narrowest point approx.
2–3 cm below the knee





Thigh (5 cm below groin)






  Leg lenght up to thigh( cm) 63-78

How to wear compression socks?
Put on compression socks in the morning to prevent swelling of the feet or until the swelling is mild and stay with them all day when walking or sitting for a long time. Put off compression socks in the evening and allow the feet to rest. Make sure you wear compression socks when traveling with airplane or car. This will protect your feet from swelling, fatigue and ensure an efficient return of blood from your feet to your heart. It is also important to move your feet when sitting, standing or traveling for long periods. It is advisable to do a little leg lift, rotate the foot in a circle around the ankle joint, and if possible, walk every couple hours.

Keep your feet healthy
To keep your feet healthy, it is recommended that you maintain your physical activity level, for example walk, swim as often as possible, wear comfortable shoes, put a pillow under your feet slightly higher than your head while sleeping and wash your feet under lukewarm water daily, massage feet with light circular movements.

Care of compression socks
Washing instructions:
• You can wash socks by hands or in a washing machine by setting up a gentle washing program and putting socks in the washing bag. Water temperature - not more than 40 ° C;
• Use neutral soap for soft fabrics (do not use bleach or fabric softeners);
• Do not use any chemicals;
• Do not iron;
• Do not dry on radiators, in direct sunlight or in a dryer;
• Compression socks are best to dry in a horizontal position, allow to dry naturally in room temperature;
• Regularly wipe the silicone straps, whitch can be found on the top of the socks, with spirit to improve adhesion.
• Protect compression socks from various lubricants, creams or oils, direct sunlight, high intensity light and heat, as all of these factors affect compression reduction.


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