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Knee brace Genu - Hit GS

Knee brace Genu - Hit GS
  • sprain or rupture of knee ligaments
  • loose ligaments
  • post-traumatic or postoperative period
  • minor knee instability
  • knee arthrosis
  • arthritis
  • Baker Cyst.
Sporlastic ()

Genu-Hit GS knee brace has metal, individually adjustable side reinforcements and silicone ring that stabilizes the knee joint, prevents hyperextension, provides a massage effect and does not interfere with blood flow and lymphatic drainage at the harness region. The brace is easy to attach and fasten with the help of velcro straps, also special knitting technology prevents slipping and forming of wrinkles at the back of the brace.

Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Extent below the knee (14cm) iki 28 iki 31 iki 34 iki 37 iki 40 iki 43 iki 46
Extent above the knee (14cm) iki 38 iki 41 iki 44 iki 47 iki 50 iki 53 iki 56

Knee and kneecap orthoses - nepamainoma ortopedinė pagalba esant įvairiems sužeidimams ar uždegimams. Knee and kneecap orthoses yra ypač naudingi po traumų, o kai kurie jų - tikras išsigelbėjimas intensyviai sportuojant. Ortopedinis įtvaras yra patogus, malonus ir minkštas, tačiau suteikia reikiamą atramą ir stabilumą.

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