Achilles tendon splint ACHILODYN
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Manufacturer: Sporlastic
Recomendation: • Achilles tendon pain; • Paratenonitis (inflammation of tissues around the tendon); • Achilles tendon rupture; •Inflammation of the tendon; Arthrosis;• Mild ankle sprain.
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The modern design splint of the Achilles tendon has integrated silicone pads that stimulate the tendon, lower leg muscles, stabilize the foot pronation, also activate blood circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, thus reducing pain and swelling. The high-quality medical splint is made using 3D knitting technology, which anatomically adapts to the immobilized limb. Perfect for sports, comfortable wearing throughout the day, no movement restrict, no wrinkles and no slipping.

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Extent around ankle (cm)

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Orthoses for Achilles tendinosis - nepamainoma ortopedinė pagalba esant įvairiems sužeidimams ar uždegimams. Orthoses for Achilles tendinosis yra ypač naudingi po traumų, o kai kurie jų - tikras išsigelbėjimas intensyviai sportuojant. Ortopedinis įtvaras yra patogus, malonus ir minkštas, tačiau suteikia reikiamą atramą ir stabilumą.

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