Insoles for classic shoes for women HEMA
SKU: 88001
Manufacturer: HEMA
Recomendation: flat feet, foot pain (metatatralgia), deformation of the big toe (Hallux valgus).
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A lot of walking or working while standing causes foot pain, weakness of the foot muscles, longitudinal and transverse arches descent, stretches of plantar fascia, deformation of the heel, constant pain in the back and feet, also the foot starts to swell due to increased load. The insoles created by the German manufacturer HEMA are thin, have anatomical shape and the necessary firmness, sufficient flexibility and amortisation. The insole is made by layering: the top layer is covered with a burgundy colour microfiber coating that inhibits bad smell and reduces sweating. The second layer provides softness. The third mainly supports the foot arches and provides the correct anatomical position.

Using Hema Insoles for Classic Shoes:

  • Restoring correct foot biomechanics;
  • Reduces foot pain and fatigue;
  • Proper distribution of foot load;
  • Reducing leg swelling;
  • Avoiding pronation of the feet;
  • Avoiding callosities;

 Insole sizes 35-42.


All standard insoles have a length reserve (made for a variety of footwear). Therefore, if the insoles do not fit into the footwear, you must remove the factory insole from the shoe and trim the front of the insole you purchased under the factory insole.


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