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Ankle bandage Energy

Ankle bandage Energy
Omnimed (Switzerland)

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This high-quality medical splint is made using 3D knitting technology. The elastic material creates a compression effect, which activates blood circulation, improves lymphatic drainage, reduces pain and swelling. The two elastic strips fixates the ankle joint and provides even greater stability in the post-traumatic or postoperative period. Splint are suitable for sports, are also comfortable to wear all day, does not restrict movements, do not wrinkle or slip.

Size S M L XL
Volume around the ankle joint (cm) 18-20 20-23 23-25 25-28



Ankle-foot orthoses -  irreplaceable orthopedic aid in case of various injuries or inflammations.  Ankle-foot orthoses are especially useful after injuries, and some of them are a real lifesaver during intense sports. The orthotic brace is comfortable, pleasant and soft, but provides the necessary support and stability.

• inflammation/swelling of the ankle joint • arhtritis/arthrosis • unstable ankle joint • ankle sprain • muscle inflammation • conservative or post-operative treatment