Physiotherapy assessment | For children and adults

A physiotherapy assessment is not only recommended for those, who are new to sports or have musculoskeletal conditions/pain, but also for those, who want to learn about their own physical abilities or muscle imbalance in the body caused by regular exercise. 

*PES PLANUS Orthopedic and Physiotherapy Centre recommends a computerized plantograph examination of your posture, gait, and running prior to physiotherapy assessment.

The assessment includes:

  • Assessment of range of motion and joint flexibility;
  • Assessment of muscle strength and flexibility;
  • Assessment of intramuscular balance;
  • Assessment of balance and stability;
  • Objective tests based on good clinical practice identify possible causes of pain.
  • Special attention is also paid to the assessment of foot function, the strength and control (activity) of the muscles stabilizing the arches of the foot, and the position.

We look at each situation individually, which is why the tests we use during the examination are tailored to each of you. We also take into account each patient’s complaints, type of work, physical activity, history of injury, expectations, and the results of the examination to determine the indicators needed to develop a physiotherapy program. Depending on the results obtained after the assessment, we discuss solutions to the problem, provide detailed recommendations for treatment or prevention, and develop a personalized physiotherapy program to help you achieve your goals for healthy living.


- During the physiotherapy assessment, specialists use an electronic dynamometer – a system for measuring the force and the range of movements – to help analyse the body more precisely.

- If necessary, specialists perform additional muscle function tests (TMG). | 1 muscle (both sides) €20.


Developing an exercise program (after assessment):

Based on the results of the assessment, we draw up a recommended treatment plan, which includes a home exercise program. Before you start the program on your own, we will give you a detailed introduction to each exercise and train you to perform them safely on your own.

It is important to us that the home exercise program we develop is not only effective, but also ensures your safety, so we are always available, if you have any questions. The system we use, where you will find your exercise program, not only allows you to have descriptions and pictures of the exercises, but also to see them in video format. Using the system, you will be able to mark the days you exercised in a virtual diary, write notes/comments, and thanks to the platform, both you and the specialist will be able to monitor how you are doing on your own.

*We recommend updating the program as often as possible, every 3-6 months, depending on each individual situation, in order to achieve more effective results and to diversify the exercises already learnt. Renewal of the program requires an appointment for a follow-up consultation or assessment.

Assessment duration: 60 min.


     Physiotherapy assessment €90

     Physiotherapy assessment + Exercise program €130

Adaptability: suitable for everyone.




Physiotherapy assessment + Program + 4 individual physiotherapy sessions (to be used within 2 months)

- 18%

287 € ( price without discount 350 €)

More about the electronic dynamometer used in physiotherapy assessment:

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