Remote consultation in orthopedic and trauma surgery

If you are unable to come in person, a remote consultation will allow you to learn about the causes of your injuries, post-injury phenomena, musculoskeletal pain, foot problems, as well as solutions thereto.

*You can consult doctors via phone or video call. Please specify your preference when registering.

 During a remote consultation, the doctor:

  • clarifies the patient’s subjective state of health;
  • takes a medical history (based on the data provided by the patient) and decides on the further provision of the service;
  • may prescribe or renew the patient’s medicines or medical aids;
  • may advise on the appropriate prescription of orthopedic appliances;
  • may recommend the necessary tests, explain the results of the tests to the patient, and adjust the treatment or the use of medicines accordingly;
  • recommends how to monitor the patient’s condition and what action to take in the event of any clinical changes or deterioration.
  • decides whether a face-to-face appointment is needed.

Please note that a remote consultation is helpful:

  • when you have an X-ray picture or other findings of instrumental examination;
  • when an orthopedic traumatologist is needed to consult on further treatment after hospitalization or injury;
  • when you want to get a second opinion on your medical diagnosis.

A doctor will not be able to conduct a remote consultation if:

  • he sees that there is insufficient information about the patient’s medical condition;
  • he cannot ascertain the veracity of the health information provided by the patient;
  • he cannot assess the patient’s health condition without examination or further tests.

To register for a remote consultation, please call:  +370 685 60010

Price: 50 €.

*The service recipient understands and agrees that the service shall be deemed to have been provided regardless of whether, following an assessment of the patient’s condition, treatment is prescribed, the patient is referred for a consultation with another specialist, or is advised to come in for routine consultations and tests.

Specialists who provide this service

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